Wasting My Time

Lately I’ve been working on streamlining our build process.  No, that’s not a waste of time but I will tell you what is:  chasing after a feature that is mysteriously not present in Visual Studio.

To let our build server set the version of the library, I have set up a T4 Text Template that will allow dynamic source code at build time.  In Xamarin Studio, you can easily trigger this process via a context menu option, or by making a change to the template file and saving it.  Mysteriously, Visual Studio was not doing the same.  It seemed odd that a tool that Microsoft developed would not function even though it was functioning in a competing product.

It turns out that the reason was that text template processing is not supported in a shared project.  I have no idea what the reasoning is for this.  This means that I have to add a link to the file in every actual project.  There is a user voice item open for it, as well as another similar one for a total of around 100 votes at present.  However, the item was made in November 2014, so who knows what is going on.


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