SourceLink: Modernizing dynamically retrieve source information

I recently stumbled upon a new .NET tool that I find very useful.  One of the pain points of developing a complicated library is that when users face a problem, they often provide inadequate information about the circumstances.  This is not always their fault, as it is awkward to try to debug an already compiled library but this will hopefully eliminate that and give them the power to analyze even inside of a compiled library.

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What’s the story on Couchbase Lite and Unity3D?

Some people might be wondering this as I (somewhat naively) dove into the task of taking on Unity3D as a freshman in my current company.  At that time, Unity3D was far behind the times with a .NET 3.5-ish runtime and support for C# 4 at best (making it over half a decade behind the times).  This became impossible to handle and so I was forced to put it on hold waiting for the promise of a more modern runtime that came around early 2016.  The first Unity3D release containing Mono 4.8 and support for the .NET 4.6 profile came and so how has the story changed?

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Let’s Build Couchbase Lite .NET: Part X, Generic Platform

This is the final entry in my series about building Couchbase Lite .NET from source.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am too close and familiar with the library and I often forget that it is complicated and annoying to build without the amount of full time work that I have spent with it.  This entry will feature something a bit different.  Instead of going through a specific platform, it will go through what needs to happen to support a new platform that is not officially supported by Couchbase.

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